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The New Record is Here!
Sky City Lullaby is now available as a digital download on Bandcamp. Pay what you want, listen like crazy, love it forever. Go on and get it. 

See What WBUR has to say about Sky City Lullaby.
The story behind the songs. Learn more about the making of JT's new release in this WBUR Artery feature. 

"Safe and Sound" Featured in Upcoming Feature Film
Exciting news! The movie "Lucky Them", starring Toni Collette and Thomas Hayden Church, is due out in October, and will feature JT's song "Safe and Sound" (From 'Waiting for you"). It premieres at the Toronto Film Festival. Get Safe and Sound if you don't have it already.

Social Media, Darling.
Find Jess at the watercooler. 
If you haven't "liked" Jess on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for? Here she is.

Rockin' The Suburbs
House concerts are the new black.
It's true. House concerts are the funnest, coolest thing since skinny jeans. Book one.

Follow Jess on Soundcloud
Just do it. It'll be fun.
Consider Soundcloud one of those moleskin notebooks full of works in progress, only digital, and full of kitchen tapes, iPhone recordings, demos, and oldies-but-goodies. Check it out.



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